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Protecting & Restoring Your Worldly Possessions

We Are Graded By A Pro !

A customer recently made our day. A career Quality Control executive has a critical eye on his service experiences. He said:

Mr. Cook,                       
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I have been in the customer service arena for most of my career and that profession has driven me to pay special attention to how other services perform. When I recognize both good and bad extremes I look at them as opportunities and usually provide feedback.

While my wife and I did experience several unsatisfactory issues during our move from OH to AL last year, your company did assist us in a very prompt, courteous and professional manner. I appreciate the ownership you personally offered to our problems and the resolution plans that were implemented to correct each one. The agreement we made was fair to all parties and the situation is behind us.

I simply wish to thank you and your team for assisting us.

By the way, we love Hoover, AL.


Danny Brown             Quality Manager / Inteva Products        Inteva Products, LLC employs over 9,000 people in 18 countries focused on delivering high-value quality, on time and on budget. Inteva has global resources for engineering, manufacturing and customer service for Closure Systems, Interiors Systems, Motors and Electronics, and Roof Systems. Inteva is focused on sustained global growth, providing excellent customer service and being a best place to work for employees. The company is headquartered in Troy, Michigan.



Referral Fees – Undermine Quality Control – Raise Your Prices

Referral Fee Free Zone

  • Others pay Movers, Realtors and so forth substantial fees to refer you to their site.
  • We do not accept any referral fees from any of our suppliers.
  • We simply do not try to buy your business and we do not allow suppliers to buy ours.

Referral Fees are not in YOUR best interests:

  1. Increases Your Cost  – you pay those fees and they bring you no benefit.
  2. Subvert Quality Control – If we received a stream of referrals from a mover, we would be wary of losing that income stream by enforcing quality control ? If we accept referral fees from firms we choose to carry out work for you, might we let them slide on quality ? Of course, its human nature.

We think hidden fees and arrangements make it difficult for you to make a good buying decision.

The savings are part of the value we deliver.  Our services need to earn your referral and that will make us successful. 

As always, let us know what you think……

The Old Move Protector

Moving Risk – Are You A Gambler ? Oh Yes You Are !

BetTheFarmWe all gamble, take calculated risks:

* slam on the brakes or go thru the orange ( I hope it doesn’t have a camera ) light.
* will those tires last another week ?

The question is: Are you a river boat ” bet the farm” gambler or is Bingo more your speed ?

Points to consider when deciding what type, if any, and how much Protection to buy for your worldly possessions. They are at risk while they leave the sanctuary of your home to roll down the road at 60 mph with the rest of the tired, texting, talking, daydreaming traffic:

* The very best professional movers experience loss / damage in 20% of their moves. From there the sky is the limit– you really do get what you pay for here ( if you’re lucky ).
* Furniture wasn’t made for moving. Every furniture store has repairmen in the back touching up the pieces they couldn’t get from the factory to the store without damage.
* Benjamin Franklin said ” three moves are as good as a fire “.
* Check out bad moves on you tube.

For 35 years I have seen an amazing variety of ways belongings can disappear ( an entire vanline shipment — including the tractor and trailer anyone — yep ! In Southern California ) or the summer we had 6 total loss van fires just in the sate of Texas

* the Corvette unloaded and taken for a joy ride on the beach – Yep !
* the movers who got into a fight and one broke off a post from a 4 poster bed to beat the other guy senseless (lots of blood on that one) —
* The dresser was to be delivered in California;  we found it in Montana one year later !
*. The piano that was too big, so they cut the legs off — Classic !
* the state trooper who sent me a video tape and moldy boot. He asked that I smell the boot while viewing the tape to get the complete picture ! The trooper was a little on the bitter side.

Uh Oh ! The Old Move Protector just about got started.

My point is stuff happens – even to you…. So look around you. How much does bedding cost ? Kids clothes ?

When you ask ” what could happen ? ” …….. The answer is anything you can imagine and more.

I leave you with this picture of what remained last summer after the fire. We had a difficult time trying to discourage her from seeing her goods, of course we paid but she hoped to salvage some memories. Those items by the interstate had to be disposed of as an environmental hazard.

She Waited For Her Belongings

She Waited For Her Belongings

No Protection Plan and you will receive $0.60 per pound per article ( sometimes less )– that is all the mover owes you. Your 60 lb big screen tv will bring you a cool crisp $36 if it falls on the highway at 40 mph.

Think twice and be prudent.

prudent |ˈpro͞odnt|
acting with or showing care and thought for the future

The Old Move Protector

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